Love Poetry


Our power is our love
there is no way to measure
Your kisses are like honey
I am a prisoner of you love! ..

you’re like a vision of the night
No, there is no way to measure
I just want to sleep and dream,
only you are everything to me!


I wish you were here
I would pay the price
would be a dream come true
we would, powerful together! …


Because you’re one hurricane
that tore my heart in my chest
you are that indomitable flame
Suddenly my heart, whole shakes! ..


If I could express the intensity
I feel each day my love for you
For with thee is the immensity
I am happy when I’m with you! ..

Always, you’re with me every day
because with you, I am very happy
and I’m also happy because today
I know I have and I’m so happy! ..

You are in my suffering, and joy
love is a delirious embrace soul
in whom is contained all my soul
I am happy you are all my joy! …

You’re the storm of my passion
Delirium is passion to be with you
the expectation of that emotion
of that day when you come with me! ..


The essence of your perfume
always reveal your presence
permeating my consciousness
because you are pure essence! ..



We do what our hearts say
take my hand walk together
round and round in the same place,
therefore, we do what our hearts say!..



With you my life, black and white,
becomes in these beautiful colors,
who explained to me because I can not forget you!..
why I can not have you?, without you I die, little by little! ..

I do not know why my heart will not forget you
if you feel the moon, and you do not pursue more! ..
you know your not alone just think of me! ..
because every day, to you I’ll never be able to forget! ..

If you feel that your nights stop, think of me,
I do not know why not in my plans, stop loving you
With you, with whom I dream every day! ..
the passion and the pain does not want to get away from me! ..



One day, without knowing why! ..
the world turns and it’s not!
never understand why she left!
look at my watch, and I do not know what time it is! ..

I wonder if maybe she thinks of me! ..
I would give my life to get back to yesterday!
to so that way our love grows back!
and so for ever be happy again without knowing why!



I would like to build a time machine
to take me at full speed with the wind
to eventually return to me that happy moment
of those days when we love without reason! ..

With this time machine I would return you to fall in love! ..
as the first time when I met you, I would return to love you,
and so with my eyes to seeing you again! ..
therefore I pray to God I build a time machine
for in that way that I can kiss you again!


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